Careplace, a new online directory of care and associated services

The following has been brought to our attention

As a response to the Care Act 2014 information and advice requirements, on 29 February 2016 Croydon is launching Careplace, a new online directory of services, providing information about

•           care and community services and resources

•           details of registered care and support.

Through CarePlace, councils across London are empowering communities to have a greater say in the care they receive.

This service is free to use for anybody. It is our intention for Careplace to be a valuable resource for the residents of Croydon and the people helping them.

By providing information on care and support services the directory will allow increased choice for individuals, their families and carers when choosing health, care and support services. Which in turn will enable individuals to plan and obtain timely care and support.

The directory will also allow health, care & support providers to market their services directly to Croydon residents. While Croydon staff will use the website to access services and signpost customers to the information they need to make the right choices about care and support

The directory supports the priorities of Croydon’s Independence Strategy.  In particular to “enable residents to make informed choices about how to meet their needs, and live healthy lives, through the provision of high quality information, advice and guidance”.

The directory will be constantly updated and improved.  Your feedback is essential in this process.

Visit for more information and to browse the resources available.

Services, organisations and community groups wishing to add themselves to the directory can do so by registering online at

If you require help with using the CarePlace directory or have feedback, please email or phone 020 3701 3268. (Please note: this email address and phone number, is not for advice about care services).