Threat to Fisher’s Farm Civic Amenity Centre

Posted on Jun 8, 2016

The following has been received from Councillor Jason Perry :-

Dear Resident Association Representative

 Since Croydon’s Labour Council withdrew the free kerbside green garden waste service earlier this year, the queues at all three of our recycling centres have been appalling. No matter how early or late you get there, weekend or during the week, you can sit in a queue for up to an hour to get rid of your waste responsibly.

 Another key problem is the large recycling containers being moved or emptied during the current opening hours. This causes the site to be temporarily closed for around 30 minutes, exacerbating the problem of queuing. The Council should empty or move the bins outside opening hours so the current times can be fully utilised.

I know that a number of Resident Associations are already involved in this issue and I would hope that you would be able to sign our petition. The link is below and I hope that you will be able to promote this and forward it to your contacts.