Police warning about burglaries

In an emergency always dial 999. When non urgent please call 101.


Contact details for your local policing team are:



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You can anonymously contact crime stoppers on 0800 555 111.

Residents of Shirley, please be aware there have been a recent increase in burglaries in the area. You are receiving this poster as the burglars are targeting houses near you!

Since December we have had 26 burglaries and we fear this is rising. The method the suspects are using is accessing the REAR of properties, and smashing doors and windows open. Most of these burglaries are occurring on WEEKDAYS, late afternoon to evening times.

The suspects appear to only be taking cash and jewellery, and the most recent burglaries this month have targeted vulnerable, elderly residents.

–         Please be vigilant and call 101 if you see any suspicious activity/persons/vehicles in the area.

–         Try and get Vehicle registrations if you spot suspicious vehicles and pass these to your local policing team.

–         Ensure all doors and windows are locked, especially when you leave your address… THIS INCLUDES YOUR PORCH DOOR!

–         Do not leave your bins next to your garden fence; this makes it so easy for suspects to jump over into gardens and garages/flat roofs.

–         If you can try and make your address look occupied in the evening if you are not there. For example leaving a living room light on, or having lights flicker on and off on a set timer.

–    Do not leave valuables on show.

–         Do not leave keys on show through window, or leave them in doors.