Nomination Form for 2020 Annual General Meeting

Nomination form

The following person:

Full name and address


is nominated to represent the Association in the position of:

To be elected at its AGM on Wednesday 20 April 2020.

Proposed by:

Full name and address:

Seconded by:

Full name and address

Signed: Date:

Full name and Address:

Signed: Date:

I accept the nomination:

Nominee’s signature Date

Each nomination should be accompanied by a brief résumé of the nominee’s reasons for seeking election together with a passport-sized photograph and received by: Trevor Ashby, SPRA President, 19 The Grange, Shirley CR0 8AP no later than Wednesday 13 May 2020. These will be available to Members attending the AGM in advance of elections taking place. Nominees, proposers and seconders must be Members of SPRA.