Attempted break-in to van

The following was sent to SPRA following a telephone conversation on 10 December

“Further to our phone conversation this morning, I am now sending you the details of the incident that happened this morning. Please can you publish this letter, so that residents are aware and stay alert to the increasing vehicle theft in our neighbourhood.

“On Thursday 10th December 2020 at approximately 9.40am, I came out of my house turned left into Tideswell Road, where my car was parked. I witnessed a thief trying to get into my husband’s van. He was trying to get into the near side door. I startled him and he immediately ran and got into a car that was waiting in the middle of the road. The suspect was tall, thin, white, wearing a grey cap, grey joggers, grey hoody top and a mask.

“The car he got into was a dark grey Volkswagen Tiguan, with tinted rear windows. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the vehicle registration. My son informed the police and a crime reference number was issued.

“We have been targeted three times that we know of, as it was captured on our CCTV.

“The first time my husband’s tools were stolen.

“Please be vigilant, don’t make it easy for these criminals to get into your vans or cars and take your belongings. Please don’t leave any valuables in your vehicles overnight. “

Members will wish to be particularly careful as it is clear that thieves are active in the area.