News about West Wickham High Street

Transport for London have written to local residents as follows

Review of West Wickham High Street Streetspace scheme

You might recall that last June we suspended some parking and loading bays along West Wickham High Street to support social distancing and create more space for people to walk safely.

The temporary barriers can be difficult to maintain so in early Spring we will replace them. We will temporarily extend the pavement with materials that can be removed later, should we need to do so. This would mean that pedestrians would have the space they need to safely social distance for as long as it is a requirement to do so.

We will soon need to consider whether the temporary changes we’ve made to West Wickham High Street should be kept permanently, or if the design should be altered or removed. If you have any feedback about the West Wickham High Street scheme please complete our online feedback form, which is accessible through our web page

Yours sincerely

Zoe Murphy

Local Communities and Partnerships