Planning news

The monthly list of planning applications in our area, as worked on by SPRA’s planning sub-committee, includes

Planning applications are reviewed as they arise from Croydon Local Planning Authority.  SPRA planning sub-committee will highlight to SPRA Executive Committee any proposals that are deemed detrimental to our neighbourhood.  In advance of going to print for SPAN magazine, residents can access the most up to date planning information from the sub-committee on the SPRA web site link

The Council guidelines state that you have until the consultation deadline to make a comment (object, support or be neutral) and if you do not comment within that period the Council will assume that you do not wish to comment.  However, even if the publicity period has expired (a notice posted at or near the site or letters sent  to adjacent occupiers; details on the Planning website or for certain projects an entry in the local Guardian newspaper) it may not be too late to comment.  You must comment in writing and you can do this by letter, email or via the website, see the links below.  In all cases quote the property address and if possible the planning reference number.  The ‘Validated’ date is the date that the Council has checked that the initial application has been submitted in the correct manner, however, be aware that applications are sometimes withdrawn by the applicant between submission of our data to the printers and the Council’s decision deadline.  It is worth always checking the Planning website or phoning the Council for the most up to date status of the application you may be interested in.

We can report the following planning applications in the preceding month to 1 February 2020.

25 Temple Avenue Croydon CR0 8QE

Ref. No: 19/04528/LP – Hip to gable roof alteration to incorporate rear dormer and front roof lights

Validated: Mon 23 Sep 2019

63 Oak Avenue Croydon CR0 8EP

Ref. No: 19/04525/HSE – Alterations, erection of a two storey side extension and a single storey rear extension

Validated: Mon 30 Sep 2019

83 Oak Avenue Croydon CR0 8EQ

Ref. No: 19/04978/HSE – Erection of single storey rear extension and patio area/steps.

Validated: Mon 21 Oct 2019

43 Devonshire Way Croydon CR0 8BU

Ref. No: 19/04891/HSE – Erection of a single-storey rear extension with projecting skylight.

Validated: Tue 15 Oct 2019

43 Devonshire Way Croydon CR0 8BU

Ref. No: 19/04890/LP – Rear dormer with Juliet balcony and 2x front roof lights to allow for a loft conversion.

Validated: Tue 15 Oct 2019

38 Sandpits Road Croydon CR0 5HG

Ref. No: 19/04844/FUL – Alterations, erection of a part single storey rear extension, part two storey rear extension and installation of a new window within the side elevation.

Validated: Mon 14 Oct 2019

209 Devonshire Way Croydon CR0 8BZ

Ref. No: 19/04808/HSE – Alterations, erection of a single storey rear extension.

Validated: Fri 11 Oct 2019

Tesco Express Filling Station 564-566 Wickham Road Croydon CR0 8DN

Ref. No: 19/04364/ADV – Installation and replacement of various illuminated signs.

Validated: Mon 21 Oct 2019

Updates on previous applications objected to by SPRA

580-582 Wickham Road Croydon CR0 8DN

19/02319/FUL – Erection of single storey front restaurant extension along with outdoor seating area with retractable canopy

Validated: 4 July 219

Decision: Permission Refused Fri 23 Aug 2019

Appeal Submitted.


18/02020/FUL – Erection of a single storey front glass facade extension (Retrospective).

Decision: Permission Refused Thu 28 Jun 2018

Appeal Decision : Dismissed appeal 1 April 2019

We still await the outcome of the second appeal and will update in due course.  SPRA objected to these applications and are pleased that Croydon Local Planning Authority refused both applications.  The appeal against the retrospective application was dismissed.  We have been informed that the Croydon Local Planning Authority enforcement officer issued an instruction to remove this illegal development and, if not heeded, the owners would be issued with a Court Order.  However, we note on the planning portal that an appeal has now been submitted on the canopy application.  If refused we expect enforcement action by the LPA about which we will report.

Former Shirley Garden Centre 60 Wickham Road Croydon CR0 8BA (Shirley North ward)

19/01977/FUL – Demolition of existing buildings to the rear of the site (A1) and construction of a part 1 and part 2 storey building, change of use of part of the ground floor commercial space (A1) to form a mixture of A1 and B1. Associated car parking, boundary treatment, cycle and refuse stores, landscaping and ancillary works.

Decision approved to allow change of use to a specialist Travel Agents.

Protect our green spaces – SPRA’s responses

The Inspector’s report on Croydon’s Borough Planning document included the comment that he had not formally recognised various green spaces as needing protection from develoment because the Council had not shown evidence of the need for such protection.

The Council accordingly sought evidence from members of the public and SPRA has responded fully in respect of the vulnerable green spaces within our Association’s area.

These can be read through the following link (thanks are due to the team who put these responses together and to those who made these links available).

https://Green Spaces Consultation

Members are reminded that it is responses such as these which are so valuable a benefit for your subsciption and that SPAN – one of the best residents’ association magazines in the country – is another part. You don’t merely pay your sub to get SPAN, you also get the volunteers’ services behind responses such as those above.

Croydon Council contact details


At the recent SPRA AGM, residents were concerned about the difficulty of reaching Croydon Council departments and some had been advised that all communication had to be sent by email or contact made though the Council website. People were worried that this would exclude those who were not online (often the elderly) from raising their concerns.  Shirley South Councillor Scott Roche investigated this on our behalf and has been assured that everyone can still contact the Council by phone.   The following numbers are direct dials for the various departments:

General: 0208 726 6000

Bins and Recycling: 0208 726 6200

Housing Repairs for Council Homes: 0208 726 6101

Planning and building control: 0208 726 6800

Parking and Streets: 0208 726 7100

Highway Maintenance: 0208 255 2816

Please note that Council departments close at 4pm each day.

Car theft alert

We have been advised of two recent break-ins to cars parked on front drives, where car windows have been smashed to steal, one presumes, items left on the seats, or look for parking cash from the glove compartment, or perhaps to steal the car. It’s safest not to leave any items visible in the body of your car when parked … even an empty carrier bag may look tempting to a thief.

GDPR – Mailchimp

SPRA Email Communication System

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SPRA Rules 2018



(agreed at the AGM 2017)



1. NAME:  The Association shall be called the “Spring Park Residents’ Association” (SPRA).  
2. LIMITATIONS:  The Association shall be non-political and non-sectarian.  In the context of this rule, the term “non-political” shall mean having no connection with any organisation, any of whose objects is to secure support or in any way assist in the election of candidates at elections.  Any person serving on the Executive Committee (EC), or as a Trustee, who stands for election to political office at any level, shall stand down for the duration of the election and for any period in elected office, in order that the political neutrality of SPRA is preserved.  
3. OBJECTIVES:  The objectives of the Association shall be: –  
a. To preserve the amenities of the locality, and to oppose anything which would adversely affect those amenities.  
b. To encourage and develop further the amenities of the locality.  


To further the general interests of the residents of the area.

To promote or improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the Spring Park Area.



1. THE SPRA AREA:  Within these Rules ‘The SPRA Area’ shall mean the area defined on the SPRA Area Map.  This Map forms part of these Rules.  The EC may act outside this area to further SPRA’s objectives.  
2. MEMBERSHIP:  Membership implies acceptance of the Constitution and Rules of the Association.  Membership categories shall be as follows:  
a. Membership:  Qualification as a Member follows payment of the annual subscription for the household.  Persons aged 18 years and over who are ordinarily resident in Members’ households qualify as members.  
b. Honorary Life Membership:  In recognition of outstanding service to SPRA, any Member past or present may be elected to Honorary Life Membership.  Life Members shall enjoy the same rights and obligations as Members.  Nominations recommended by the EC shall be submitted to Members at the next AGM for approval.  
3. SUBSCRIPTIONS:  The amount due may from time to time be decided at a General Meeting of the Association.  Members authorised to act as Zone Stewards or Road Stewards by the Executive Committee, shall be authorised to collect subscriptions on behalf of the Honorary Treasurer.  
4. OFFICERS:  Shall comprise the following Members of SPRA:  President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary – Zone and Road Stewards.  Officers are Members of the Executive Committee.  They shall be elected at each AGM.  No Officer shall hold more than one concurrent post on the EC, or as a Trustee.  

a.          The EC shall consist of the Officers, and no more than 10 other members of SPRA who shall be elected at an AGM and serve until the second AGM after their election.  They may offer themselves for re-election.

b.         The EC shall conduct the general business of SPRA in accordance with SPRA’s Constitution and Rules and with Motions passed by a majority of Members present and voting at a General Meeting.  The EC shall have the power to fill any vacancies by co-option to the EC.  Co-opted Members stand down at the next AGM.  They may offer themselves for election.

c.          The EC shall meet at least once each month or when, in the opinion of the Chairman and Honorary Secretary, a meeting is necessary.  Six shall form a quorum.  The EC shall have powers to form sub-committees and to co-opt other SPRA Members to serve thereon.

d.         In the event of an equal number of votes being cast for and against a motion, the person chairing the meeting shall have the option of a second, or casting, vote

e.          The Officers of SPRA may form an Emergency Committee to deal with matters which cannot be deferred until the next EC Meeting.  All available Officers, but with a minimum of three, shall form a quorum.  A written record of any Emergency Committee Meeting shall be made available to the EC as soon as possible, and at the latest to the next EC Meeting.

f.          All Members of the EC serve in an honorary capacity.



a.       The Editor of SPAN, SPRA’s monthly magazine, shall be an Association member and is appointed by the EC and is then also a Member of the EC in addition to those elected or co-opted under Rule 8 below.  The appointment shall be confirmed annually by the EC at the first meeting after the AGM, but may be terminated at any time by them. When there is no Editor in post, the Editorial Team may from time to time select one of its members to act as Editor for purposes of liaison with the EC

b.         The Editor shall have editorial independence within the terms of the Limitations and Objectives set out in paragraph 2 and 3 of these Rules.

c.          The Editor is an honorary position.  All reasonable expenses incurred in the producing SPAN may be reimbursed against properly presented receipts or other proof of expenditure sent to the Honorary Treasurer and approved by the EC.

d.         The Editor may not hold another post as an Officer, or serve as an elected Member on the EC, or as a Trustee, during the period of his/her editorship.


7. TRUSTEES AND AUDITORS:  Two Trustees, being Members of SPRA, and two Auditors, none being Members of the EC, shall be elected at the AGM to serve for one year.  They may offer themselves for re-election.  Trustees may attend EC Meetings, where they may speak, table motions or agenda items, but may not vote.



a.          An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in May each year.  The time and place shall be fixed by the EC.  28 days’ notice of the AGM shall be published on the Association’s website, posted on SPRA notice-boards, and in the March issue of SPAN if available in time for that issue and such Notice shall include details of Motions to be put to the Meeting.

b.         Notice of motions for debate must be received by the Honorary Secretary at least 35 days before a General Meeting.  The names and addresses of proposer and seconder shall be provided to the Honorary Secretary.  On request, any Member may be provided with a copy of any motions and amendments received in advance of the meeting if such details are not included in the formal Notice

c.          A quorum at General Meetings shall be formed when 25 Members are present, who are not Members of the EC or Trustees of SPRA.

d.         Only Members shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings.

e.          In the event of an equal number of votes being cast for and against a motion, the person chairing the meeting shall have the option of a second, or casting, vote

f.          The Chairman’s Annual Report and the AGM Agenda shall be published in SPAN in advance of the meeting.  The Chairman’s Annual Report and the audited Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheets shall be presented for approval at the AGM.

g.         Nominations for the election of Officers, Trustees, Auditors and certain Members of the EC, shall be notified in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least seven days before the AGM.  Each nomination must be supported by a proposer and seconder.  Names and addresses of proposer, seconder and nominee shall be shown on the nomination form.  The nominee’s written consent to stand must be obtained.  Each nominee shall provide a brief résumé of their reasons for seeking election and of the skills they would bring to the Committee; and this will be available to Members attending the AGM in advance of elections taking place.  Nominees, proposers and seconders must be Members of SPRA.

h.         The minutes of each General Meeting (GM), and all motions passed at a GM shall be published in SPAN as soon as possible after the meeting.  Motions passed at a GM shall take immediate effect.

i.           Only Members may propose, second, or speak to motions.

j.           Special General Meetings (SGMs) may be called by the EC.  Additionally, an SGM must be held as soon as possible after receipt by the Honorary Secretary of a notice of motion signed by at least 50 Members of SPRA The date, time and venue of an SGM shall be published in SPAN and posted on SPRA notice boards.  The Honorary Secretary shall make arrangements for an SGM. 28 days’ notice of such a meeting shall be given to Members through the website and noticeboards



a.          The financial year shall be from 1 April to 31 March.  All payments to SPRA, including those for SPAN magazine, shall be received by the Honorary Treasurer or any deputies authorised by the Treasurer who shall pay such monies into the SPRA bank accounts.

b.         All expenditure shall be approved by the EC and drawn upon SPRA’s bank accounts and payments shall be authorised by the Honorary Treasurer or Honorary Secretary, and a Trustee.  Persons authorising payments shall not be related to each other or have any business relationship with each other.

c.          The EC is authorised to pay at its discretion the running costs of SPRA, including the publication of SPAN and for any other purposes that benefit the Members as a whole or SPRA’s Objectives as set out in SPRA’s Constitution.



a.          The Constitution or Rules of SPRA shall not be altered without the express approval of a majority of Members present and voting at a General Meeting.  Notice of any proposed alterations shall be given to the Honorary Secretary as a Motion for debate at a General Meeting.

b.         Interpretation of the Constitution and Rules is vested in the EC, which has authority to deal with any points not covered by the Constitution or Rules.

c.          The Honorary Secretary shall hold the authorised copy of the Constitution and Rules as approved by Members at the General Meeting.  Any Member of SPRA may request a copy of the authorised Constitution and Rules held by the Hon. Secretary.



The SPRA Area shall be the area shown on the map below.




a.       A Motion to wind-up the Association may be presented to a General Meeting by the EC or by at least 50 members. If the Motion is passed by at least three-quarters of those Members present, it shall be referred to a second General Meeting to be held no sooner than two months and no more than four months after the Meeting at which the Motion was passed.

b.       Notice of the second General Meeting shall include details of Motions as to the lodgement of the Association’s official papers and the disbursement of the Association’s financial and other assets.

c.       The second General Meeting shall consider the winding-up Motion, which shall require a simple majority to confirm the dissolution of the Association

d.       The second General Meeting shall also decide, by a simple majority, the destination of the Association’s papers and financial and other assets.





Careplace, a new online directory of care and associated services

The following has been brought to our attention

As a response to the Care Act 2014 information and advice requirements, on 29 February 2016 Croydon is launching Careplace, a new online directory of services, providing information about

•           care and community services and resources

•           details of registered care and support.

Through CarePlace, councils across London are empowering communities to have a greater say in the care they receive.

This service is free to use for anybody. It is our intention for Careplace to be a valuable resource for the residents of Croydon and the people helping them.

By providing information on care and support services the directory will allow increased choice for individuals, their families and carers when choosing health, care and support services. Which in turn will enable individuals to plan and obtain timely care and support.

The directory will also allow health, care & support providers to market their services directly to Croydon residents. While Croydon staff will use the website to access services and signpost customers to the information they need to make the right choices about care and support

The directory supports the priorities of Croydon’s Independence Strategy.  In particular to “enable residents to make informed choices about how to meet their needs, and live healthy lives, through the provision of high quality information, advice and guidance”.

The directory will be constantly updated and improved.  Your feedback is essential in this process.

Visit for more information and to browse the resources available.

Services, organisations and community groups wishing to add themselves to the directory can do so by registering online at

If you require help with using the CarePlace directory or have feedback, please email or phone 020 3701 3268. (Please note: this email address and phone number, is not for advice about care services).

Don’t get tricked pt.2

It is a sad fact of life that there are people who are prepared to trick and deceive in order to take advantage of the unwary. Scams target people of all backgrounds and income levels. Such ‘con artists’, ‘fraudsters’ or ‘scammers’ are constantly thinking of new and ingenious ways to catch out the unwary and relieve us of our hard-earned money or property.

With modern technology your personal information is a valuable commodity. Identity theft is when a trickster gets hold of your personal information and uses it to get at your cash. Electronic banking, mobile phones and home computing all use passwords and access codes to identify who you are. We each need to be careful that this information does not fall into the wrong hands. What simple steps can you take to avoid these tricksters?

Here are seven simple things which will help you from getting tricked:

• Cold Calling Spring Park is designated as a ‘No Cold Calling Zone’ and it is unlikely that a reputable company or charity will call unexpectedly at your door. If you are alone or vulnerable, do not let strangers into your house. Ask for ID and then get the caller to make an appointment and return when you have someone you trust with you. Don’t get tricked!

• Unsolicited phone calls These are unexpected phone calls from people you don’t know. Often the caller just wants to sell you something, offer a service or tell you that you have won a prize in a competition. Never give out your bank details or offer a card payment to such people.

We all get nuisance calls from time to time but registering with the Telephone Preference Service and going ex-directory will help reduce the numbers of such unwanted calls.

• Never give money to a stranger on the doorstep If a stranger says he/she is collecting for a charity, ask them for details of where to post a donation or how to make a payment online.

If an uninvited stranger calls offering goods or services, do not let them into the house. Ask them to write to you explaining what they are offering.If you are still interested in what they offer then make an appointment for them to call back.

No reputable company will call unannounced and ask for a deposit or advance payment.

• Never invite a stranger into your home If someone calls unexpectedly, particularly at an unusual hour, ask them to make an appointment. If necessary have a friend or carer present when they come back.

Don’t get tricked pt.1

• Protect your bank account

Never give out your personal bank details, passwords or PIN numbers.

Be extremely wary of any unsolicited phone calls, emails and letters pretending to be from your bank or other financial institution which asks you to confirm your personal details, passwords and security numbers. Your bank will never ask you to reveal this information, so don’t give it to anyone else. Dispose of all bank and credit card statements and anything else which contains your personal details, using a crosscut shredder; or tear them into small pieces. If you notice any unexpected transaction or purchase on your statement, report it to your bank or card issuer as soon as possible.

• Protect your phones and computers Keep your security programmes (antivirus, anti-spam) up to date. Never reply to unsolicited texts, eg texts referring to accident claims, even to get them stopped. Just delete the message. If you receive an unsolicited text or email, even from someone you know, which contains link to another website, delete it immediately and do not open the link.

You may receive a text message or advert inviting you to enter a competition for a valuable prize or similar message asking you to text a special number which charges an extremely high rate for any messages you send. Do not reply, just delete these messages. A similar scam is when you are invited to call a premium rate number to claim a prize (for example a number beginning 0906). There is no prize but you will be delayed and kept on the line for as long as possible. Do not phone back to claim such prizes. Restrict the amount of personal information you disclose when online.

• Beware of offers for wonder products, miracle cures, prize draws, free holidays and wondrous gifts for which you have to pay in advance, register interest by giving banking details or confirm (supposedly known) personal information. If they exist at all, these products and services are not likely to be what they seem. Any such products and cures are unlikely to comply with safety standards set by the UK or EU. Ignore and discard such offers. Remember… If it seems ‘too good to be true’ it probably is!

In life you get nowt for nowt – beware of anyone who says differently. If you think you have been the victim of a trickster, don’t be embarrassed, report it! Contact ActionFraud on 0300 123 2040 or online at Contact the police if the suspect is known or is still in the area. For further information an audio, ‘easy read’ and E-booklet is available at the Metropolitan Police website November 2015 3