60+ Oyster card under threat

One of our members has alerted us to the following email he has received …

Over the past two years Londoners like you have been powerful defenders of both the Freedom Pass and the 60+ Oyster Card. We’re very grateful for your support, which has been brilliant. Your support has been amazing. I’m writing because we need you once again.
Yesterday evening (15th December) we heard that the long-term future of the 60+ Oyster Card is under threat and that there are plans to phase out this travel concession for Londoners aged 60 to 66 entirely over a 12-year period. We are deeply concerned about the impact this regressive cut will have.
Please sign the petition to save the 60+ Oyster Card
It is important to note that the plans will not affect current holders of the 60+ Oyster Card. It will however affect Londoners currently in their 50s and younger who would normally be eligible for the card on their 60th birthday. Campaigning for an age-friendly London is about fighting for a better city for both the older Londoners of today and the older Londoners of the future.We know many of you continue to be impacted by the suspension of concessionary transport before 9am on weekdays. We are very worried that this latest attack on affordable transport will make things much worse for thousands of people.

Please sign and then share the petition.
We are in the final few hours of the current Government/TfL funding deal and we need to make our voices heard.