Croydon Local Plan revision

SPRA has recently submitted the following representation to the Council in response to its consultation on the revised Plan.

Spring Park Residents’ Association

Representation in response to Croydon Local Plan revision (February 2022)


Unsound on grounds of consistency with national policy

There is no reference to the Design-Led approach Policy D3 of the London Plan or requirement for Design Codes (London Plan & NPPF) which would enable the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with these documents.

Para 11.197A and 11.2.02

Both these sections address the character of Shirley, but provide minimal and insufficient detail or reference to the above documents. In particular they do not address the different characters of the individual localities within a place.

SPRA therefore believes there is a requirement for a specific and more detailed Shirley Place Character statement and Shirley Place Design Code as part of the Plan.

Suggested templates are offered below for consideration.


Suggested Shirley Place Character Statement

Outer suburban, low density residential area consisting mostly of 1930s speculative built detached and semi-detached two storey houses of conventional construction with mainly rendered masonry walls and pitched and tile covered roofs, with double height front bay windows, entrance porches, and private garage or off-street parking facility. Long private front and rear gardens, wide roads, many of which are tree-lined, with the houses laid out in a regular and uniform pattern and height and regular spacing of houses respecting a uniform building line. There are few flats developments, and flat roofs above first floor level are rare (other than in the case of loft conversions). The houses are interspersed with doctor’s surgeries, dental practices, local schools and open spaces, and local shopping parades on principal thoroughfares. The houses provide spacious accommodation generally in excess of 90 sq.m RCA.

Suggested Shirley Place Design Code (Built Form)

DENSITY 20-40 d/ha
HOUSE TYPES Two storey detached or semi-detached, of conventional masonry construction under pitched and tile covered roofs, with porch and double height bay windows to front
HEIGHT 9m to eaves
GARDENS Long front and rear gardens
PARKING Single garage or parking space to every house
STREETSCAPES Regular and uniform pattern of houses of similar style, design, and materials, of uniform height and regular spacing following a uniform building line.