Request from the Council for residents to help water trees in this hot, dry spell

The Council’s website carries the following request:-

Croydon residents are being asked to show recently planted trees some TLC this summer, helping to keep them watered and healthy through the hot summer months.

In recent years, Croydon has planted around 2,000 trees – newly-planted trees need to be watered regularly for their first three years to become established and thrive, requiring at least 50 litres of water per week in May, June, July and August.

During the hot months, the council is already stepping up watering around the borough but can always use a helping hand. The council is asking local residents who might have young trees outside their homes, on their street, or on their route to and from work, to help water these trees.

Caring for young trees contributes more widely to a healthier and more vibrant borough, one which we can all be proud of.

Residents can water the base of trees or, if they have one, via the hole in the green bag surrounding its trunk or black irrigation pipes. Trees can be watered just like a household plant and residents are also reassured that it is hard to overwater during the current heatwave.