A 5g phone mast proposal

Members may be aware that a proposal has been made that a new communications mast, 20 metres high, be installed in Bridle Road outside Forest Academy. Concern has been expressed about the health implications of such masts, ranging from “is there a danger?” to “we’ll all be fried in our beds!!”.

SPRA believes that the former is a perfectly reasonable question to raise while the latter is (we regret to say) perhaps typical of the instant over-reaction for which today’s social media might have been designed. Having investigated this some time ago, and with someone on the EC whose professional life was spent in this area of physics, we are happy to answer the first reaction with “no, we believe not, and if members wish to see what the health professional say, the following link will be, we hope, reassuring.

Please visit https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5f49038dd3bf7f0a2c9679d5/5G_mobile_technology_a_guide.pdf

to see what HM Government says … yes, we know not everyone trusts everything said by every politician, but we are convinced that the alarmist views – we are tempted to say “the views of conspiracy theorists” – are wrong.

As a result of this and other information received, SPRA will not be making any objection to the proposed mast.