AGM 2021 Minutes


88th Annual General Meeting

Held online via Zoom Conferencing

7.30pm Wednesday 9 June 2021

Attendance by invitation only

Present:   SPRA  Exec Members: Trevor Ashby, Allan Booth, Geoff Flook, Mandy Hopkins, Chris Kirwan, Milton Moore, Mike Roberts, Lawrie Rendle, Martin Shute, Suzy Stoyel, Winsome Thomas

SPRA Trustees: Mick Gower and Andy Bebington

SPRA Auditor: Jonathan Baxter

Sarah Jones MP, Cllr Richard Chatterjee, Cllr Jason Cummings

34 Members of SPRA

1. Chair’s Welcome. As President of SPRA, Trevor Ashby welcomed everyone and confirmed that a total of 34 members were attending by Zoom, excluding the Executive Committee members and Trustees and therefore as we were quorate (25 or more attendees), the meeting could continue.

He explained that Covid circumstances had prevented us from holding an AGM in 2020 or from holding a meeting in person for this AGM.

He advised members that, due to the highly unusual circumstances, the AGM would be conducted on a different basis dealing with only essential business mattersand with voting completed electronically. He also stated that only Members are allowed to vote.

He reminded members that an email had been sent out one week prior to the meeting containing the agenda and all the documents required for the meeting.

2. Apologies for absence had been received from Mr & Mrs Wainford, Mr & Mrs Dack and Cllr Scott Roche.

3. Minutes of 2019 AGM had been published in SPAN and acceptance was proposed by Trevor Ashby and seconded by Winsome Thomas.  The vote was carried. In view of the delay in accepting these minutes there were no matters arising.

4. The Acting Chair’s report had been published in SPAN and Mr Ashby thanked Geoff Flook for accepting the position of Acting Chair and for his report.

5. Financial Accounts for 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 and Treasurer’s Report had been sent out as attachments. The Auditors had approved both sets of accounts and the Executive Committee had accepted them. 

Acceptance of the 2019-2020 accounts was proposed by Allan Booth and seconded by Geoff Flook. The vote was carried.

Acceptance of the 2020-2021 accounts was proposed by Allan Booth and seconded by Geoff Flook. The vote was carried.

6. Nominations for Life Membership. Trevor Ashby explained that the nominations were usually given to Road or Zone Stewards who had served at least 10 years.

Nominees for 2020 are – Lori Noeth, Wendy Nash, Mark Ellis, Brenda Miller, Lynn Waller and Andy Black.  These names were proposed by Mandy Hopkins and seconded by Chris

Kirwan. The vote was carried.

Nominees for 2021 are – Daniel Roberts, Janice Green, Janet Bown, Vilma Hanscomb and Moira McDonnell.  These names were proposed by Lawrie Rendle and seconded by Milton Moore. The vote was carried.

7. Proposal to amend SPRA Constitution. Trevor Ashby explained thatthe details of this proposal had been published in April SPAN and explained in the recent documents sent out and that attendees had also received a copy of the existing rules – for comparison.  These amendments were proposed by Andy Bebington and seconded by Suzy Stoyel. The vote was carried.

8. Resignation and Election of Officers, Trustees, Committee and Auditors. Trevor Ashby resigned as President and Mike Roberts assumed the chair for the purposes of conducting this re-election. Trevor Ashby’s re-election as President was proposed by Mike Roberts and seconded by Martin Shute. The vote was carried.

Trevor Ashby returned to the Chair and explained that, he had received completed nomination forms for all the posts of Officers, for some EC members, for two Trustees and two Auditors had said that they are prepared to stand again for one more year.

One Trustee, Mick Gower and two EC members Martin Shute and Karen Crouch have decided to step down and he expressed his sincere appreciation for all of the work that each of these faithful members of the EC had done, over many years for SPRA, stating that they would be much missed. In their places there were nominations for Bev Tanner as a replacement Trustee, Milton Moore as Secretary and Chris Kirwan as an EC member.  He stated that he had received a single nomination for each of the positions mentioned so – as a one-off process – it had been decided that all the nominations would be voted upon en bloc as to do otherwise would be a most time-consuming exercise.  He stressed however that it is intended that, assuming we are able to meet in a public venue in 2022 and subsequently, we will revert to our normal practice of voting for each individual in turn.

As none of the Officer and Executive Committee roles are contested, he declared each nominee “elected unopposed”. All the nominees were proposed by Mick Gower and seconded by Karen Crouch. The vote was carried.

9. Written Questions – None

Chair’s Closing Statement.  The Covid restrictions have made this a very difficult year for us all, especially for the Executive Committee and how we correspond with our members. We intend to be pro-active and positive at retaining and increasing the membership of SPRA now that the lockdown restrictions are being relaxed.  Our Road Stewards and Zone Stewards are being asked to make a special effort to contact new residents moving into our area and explain to them that SPRA membership is currently only £6 per year per household (i.e. all those aged 18 or over living in that home are included as members).  The SPAN magazine is then free and is delivered to each address at the end of each month.

If new people move into your road – your neighbours – then please, when you meet them, mention our Residents’ Association and encourage them to become members.  We are stronger together.

If you have any questions or comments on this meeting then please contact the SPRA Secretary and let us know your feelings.

Thank you everyone for your attendance at this meeting.

Stay safe and well.  Good night.

Meeting closed at 20.00