AGM 2021 Treasurer’s Report 2020/2021

Dear members, I am Allan Booth your current treasurer since October 2018.

I enclosed the Accounts to 31 March 2021, which continue to show a healthy overall picture.

The in house operation of the SPAN magazine is showing a smaller deficit of £1,854.70 this year. With a reduction in the number of copies produced, most of the expenditure is now able to be met from our advertising fees. We have had to refund £507.25 to advertisers who have decided to cancel their adverts or have overpaid when the magazine was not being produced last year.

As the mouthpiece of SPRA we are not looking to make a profit but broadly to cover the bulk of the running costs and currently we are doing that. There are net assets of £3,041.76 in the SPAN account after an injection of £3,000 from our subscription income into the SPAN Bank Account.

We continue to have a really professional looking magazine and I would like to thank the Editorial Team for their work and Jennie Rutter our SPAN Accounts Manager for keeping the records in good order and chasing the Advertisers for their fees and also, Sian Martin our new Advertising Manager, for seeking out new Advertisers.

I would also like to thank our network of Road Stewards, who under the guidance of Mandy Hopkins and Lawrie Rendle, voluntarily collect the subscriptions and distribute the magazine to our members.

During these difficult times and social distancing we have had to consider moving forward with subscription collection to an online system for the next year, this in part will relieve the burden on cash collection for our road stewards.

Our thanks also go to our Auditors for their work and understanding and agreeing my financial records.

The SPRA Accounts showed a surplus of £8,837.60 and the Association’s Combined Total Assets including SPAN and the Reserve Account balance of £11,661.85 now stands at £36,118.62.

In accordance with the aims of the Association we continue to look for ways of using the assets to the benefit of the Spring Park area and its residents. In the last year we have made a donation to the Shrublands Food bank.

Allan Booth