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What is a Ward Panel
The Shirley South Ward Panel is a group of community members who either live or work in the area, together with partner agencies, such as councillors, resident associations and neighbourhood watch, that meet with the local police Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) at least every 3 months to set local SNT ward priorities and then hold the SNT to account for their actions and progress in addressing the agreed priorities.

The Role of the Ward Panel
At the panel meetings, members have the opportunity to raise and discuss local crime reports, concerns and issues that are affecting the local community directly with the SNT officers. In reporting these issues and concerns, local residents will be helping to shape and deliver the local  police priorities. It is important that the wider views of local residence are canvassed through various means in order to involve all sections of the local community and the local police as part of a continuous cycle of feedback, review and action.

Joining the Ward Panel
If you are considering joining the Shirley South Ward Panel and would like further information please contact the Shirley South SNT as detailed below.

Reporting Concerns
You can report local crime issues or concerns directly to the local SNT, email: or if you wish to stay completely anonymous you can report your concerns to Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111, who will then relay the information on to the Shirley South SNT.

Shirley South SNT – News
To keep up to date with the activities of your local policing team, Shirley South SNT are currently posting messages and reports on the Park Hill SNT twitter account: @MPSParkhill

Shirley South Ward Panel Meetings

Current priorities agreed with the Shirley South SNT – 20th February 2023

Note: The first priority is set by the MET Police, which includes violence or drivers of violence.

Priority 1: To address the gang related problems on the Shrublands Estate, regular weapon sweeps and patrols of the estate.

Priority 2: To implement additional wider strategies to further reduce the number of vehicle crime incidents occurring in Shirley South and to provide information and advice on vehicle security.

Priority 3: To provide Shirley South residential and business victims of burglary, reassurance visits and crime prevention advice and support.

Further information on the the agreed priorities are detailed in the meeting minutes.

Ward Panel Meeting Minutes
7th November 2022
20th February 2023