Shirley Heath – a message from Mayor Perry

Members may not have seen the statement which Mayor Perry issued recently. We reproduce it below

Statement on Addington Golf Club

 Many local people have been concerned by reports of The Addington Golf Club’s aspiration to manage parts of Shirley Heath and Addington Hills and to build a driving range on Council land there. I share those concerns and want to reassure residents that whilst the golf club are entitled to their aspirations, that does not mean that the Council had or has any intention of selling, leasing, or handing the land over.

Transparency and honesty have been a key guiding principle throughout my Administration, and I would like to directly address all concerns raised; many of which have been inaccurate and have caused unnecessary upset in the community.

As Executive Mayor, I hold regular developer sessions which is a normal part of my role. This type of engagement is a common practice that Leaders and Mayors in other authorities also undertake as part of good practice to promote inward investment into the Borough.

These developer sessions are usually held every six weeks with local and national partners, who have ideas or plans to develop or improve Croydon. These are confidential meetings by design, to provide an opportunity for anyone who has such ideas to share them in a safe space and receive feedback. No decisions or commitments are made at these meetings.

Any proposals which advance from this stage must then go through formal and public decision-making processes, including planning if relevant. Senior Council officers from relevant departments have been and will continue to be present at all of these meetings, where we simply listen to projects and provide feedback from both myself as Mayor and officers of the Local Planning Authority.

As part of these developer sessions, I met the golf club owner to discuss their proposals on the 18th of May 2023 and had a site visit on the 17th of August 2023. These meetings were not an endorsement or agreement of the golf club’s plans.

No discussions have taken place since and I have no intention, and never have, of selling, leasing or entering into any other agreement which would give control or use of this Green Belt land to the golf club. These meetings were also not attended by any representatives from the Council’s asset disposal team.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not a member of this or any golf club. I regularly update the Register of Interests which include an annual update of my Disclosable Pecuniary Interests and routinely update gifts and hospitality I have received. These can be found on the Council’s website.

For further clarity, I have received no gifts or hospitality from any golf club.

We are London’s greenest borough, and I will always fight to protect our precious green spaces. Since I was elected Executive Mayor, I have proudly overseen the investment in our green and open spaces. Only last week we opened two new children’s playgrounds in the borough’s parks, we have partnered with sporting bodies to upgrade Croydon’s tennis and cricket facilities, invested in improving path infrastructure and restored a Park Ranger to South Norwood Country Park.

I want to reassure residents that the golf club’s aspiration to manage parts of Shirley Heath and Addington Hills and to build a driving range is not happening, and will not happen as long as I am Executive Mayor, as I know how important these spaces are to all of us as Croydon residents.

Mayor Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

The Addington Golf Club

SPRA was approached in March about the Golf Club’s plans to expand its facilities by taking over an area of Shirley Heath and Addington Hills.  To enable full and widespread consultation with the Club, SPRA arranged a meeting of nine Residents’ Associations local to Shirley at a joint meeting with Ryan Noades the club’s MD.  Following the presentation of the outline plan, the RAs were unanimous in requesting a much more detailed proposal before submitting to their members, to obtain their views.

That remains the position as at 5 April. As soon as more detail is received from the Club, and as soon as this has been studied by SPRA Committee members, a further note will appear on the website.  We are only at the moment at the start of a process of consultation, which the Golf Club is aware could be a lengthy one.

In the meantime we urge members not to believe everything carried on social media – for example, one message referred to the sale of the land by the Council; the Council has made clear what we understood from the start, that no sale has ever been suggested and that it was only ever contemplated that the Club take a lease over part of Shirley Heath.

Shirley Library – a chance to do something!

Are you interested in helping to retain Shirley Library?

SPRA’s Executive Committee decided at its February meeting to adopt a non-partisan approach in respect of the proposal to close Shirley Library.  It wished to encourage all members of the community, including SPRA members, to participate in the Council’s consultation, so that all voices are heard.  Finally the Committee resolved to act in an enabling role, to facilitate the co-operative working of those in the community who wish to keep the Library.

If you would like to be involved in this effort, SPRA would be happy to pass on your details to other interested individuals who may wish to form an Action Group.

Please email your name, email address, and telephone number to  By so doing, you agree to your details being passed to others similarly interested.

Croydon Healthy School Streets

Healthy School Streets are streets that are reserved for walkers and cyclists during the start and end of the school day.

Current Healthy School Streets:

Healthy School Streets under consultation

Experimental Traffic Management Order (ETMO) consultations

Group 3 Healthy School Streets schemes


The 6-month statutory consultation for Group 3 schemes started on 23 January 2023 and ends on 23 July 2024

  • South Norwood Primary School (SE25 5QP)
  • Howard Primary School (CR0 1DT)
  • Gonville Academy (CR7 6DL)
  • Kenley Primary School and Kindergarten (CR3 0EX)
  • Park Hill Junior and Infants School (CR0 5NS)
  • Oasis Academy Shirley Park (CR0 7BE)
  • The Crescent Primary School and The BRIT School (CR0 2HN)
  • St Cyprian’s Greek Orthodox Primary Academy (CR7 8DZ)
  • Good Shepherd Catholic Primary and Nursery School (CR0 0RG)

How to get involved 

For further information on these Group 3 schemes and to participate, visit Healthy School Streets Experimental Traffic Management Orders Group 3 ETMOs – Statutory Consultation | Get Involved Croydon

Group 4 Healthy School Streets scheme.

The 6-month statutory public consultation for Group 4 schemes starts on 13 March 2023 and ends on 13 September 2024.  

  • Rockmount Primary School
  • Kensington Avenue Primary School and  Norbury High School for Girls
  • Harris Invictus Academy Croydon
  • Elmwood Infants School and Elmwood Junior School
  • St James the Great Primary and Nursery School
  • Harris Academy South Norwood (Beulah Hill Campus)
  • Oasis Academy Byron
  • St Peter’s Primary School
  • The Minster Nursery and Infant School
  • The Write Time School

How to get involved 

For further information on the Group 4 schemes and to participate, visit Healthy School Streets Experimental Traffic Management Orders Group 4 ETMOs – Statutory Consultation | Get Involved Croydon

News from Croydon Communities Partnership

We have received the following from Croydon Voluntary Action, and have been asked to draw attention specifically to the 24 April date ofthe next meeting.

Thank you to Celestina and Lynda for Co-chairing the meeting and to Oasis Academy in Shirley for being such good hosts. It’s good to see a variety of community spaces that are open to hire for events and to familiarise ourselves with their activities. For more information on Oasis Academy here.

Last November’s LCP Partnership Showcase event was a well-attended, informative celebration of the organisations that were successful in their applications for funding from the new Localities Commissioning Fund. Their exciting plans were outlined and Commissioners voiced their commitment to these new ways of community-led commissioning.

For this locality, the local priorities identified are: Transport, Digital Inclusion, Mental Health and ‘Heating/Eating’. These key elements of the Central East Locality’s Community Plan will be linked in with public health data and will also inform Croydon’s new Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2024-29. With the general election coming-up this year, a Community Manifesto based on the six LCP’s Community Plans will give residents a stronger voice, identify the most important local issues and will help highlight the excellent partnership working that is taking place in Croydon.

It was good that we were able to secure some ‘Ageing well’ funding that has been used to sustain some of the good work that is already happening in this locality through Addiscombe Neighbourhood Care Association.

Community Hubs in the Central East Locality

·      Ashburton Park Hub – Oasis Academy schools have a commitment that, wherever there is a cluster of schools, they need to set up a Community Hub. Andrew Gill is the Lead for the Shirley Park site. Andrew helpfully told LCP members that the school tragically lost two of their students to knife crime in a short space of time. Part of the work to change and positively impact the community around this is to redesign the nearby Ashburton Park through a Heritage grant and to work closely with the community in the process. The work will focus on developing the currently vacant Lodge in the park and also look to set up at a food growing project with Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) partners such as South Norwood Community Kitchen and Reaching Higher, together with racing driver, Lewis Hamilton’s mentoring project ‘Mission 44’ to provide an initiative with 360 wrap-around support. This area has also been selected as one of the sites that will benefit from a new Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA), as part of the play zone funding that has been made available through the council.

ACTION: To be connected to this exciting work and explore potential partnership opportunities please contact: / 07917 243 665

·     Woodside Community Hub – part of Croydon East Wellness Support Network- ‘CrESNT’– The winning bid for this locality last year was CrESENT an alliance that is made up of five partners in the locality: Floating Counselling, ‘Welderlies’, Woodside Community Pop-In, Clear Community Web and ‘Mandem Medley’, who are supporting 120 men. The Hub has been running for a month in November last year and has started again in the last two weeks. It is being held at Woodside Baptist Church on Spring Lane from 1.30- 3.30

ACTION: LCP members to help publicize the Hub to maximize engagement. For more information, please see the flyer attached and the website link.

ACTION: Nasreen and Mariah, (Community Facilitator), Celestina and Lynda to keep LCP members informed of progress, sharing Change Stories whenever possible.

Strengthening Community PlansBefriending (as part of the work on Mental Health) and Communication. With the extensive knowledge and expertise of those LCP members in attendance, it was also agreed that the area of Youth-related opportunities would be discussed.

Befriending– Lynda our Co-chair and Social Prescribing Link Worker has highlighted the need for face-to-face befriending schemes to tackle loneliness and isolation. We were reminded of the Street Champions network which discussed in previous meetings and that there was an outstanding need for training for potential Champions before they go door-to-door and do informal welfare checks with light signposting. This could be a way of befriending and supporting residents to make initial connections with new community-based activities.

It was also mentioned that activities should have a ‘Welcome’ person to assist new residents with engagement. CNCA have a befriending and home service. We heard a wonderful story about a gentleman who had been very nervous and isolated, but through meeting with his befriender he was now going with them to a lunch club for the first time. CNCA are taking referrals for this service and they even support with transport to get the resident engaging with community. For more information please email:

The need for more Volunteers was raised. We have looked at promoting this opportunity through Ross at Emmaus SOC and the Croydon Cares initiative. We spoke about collecting and promoting stories of volunteers to show it as an opportunity.  The concept of a Timebank was mentioned, if we could pledge an hour of our time each, we could collectively help cover the volunteering needs in the area. This would need to be effectively coordinated to work.

ACTION: A Befriending Action Group of Celestina, Amanda Esparon from Croydon Neighbourhood Care Association (CNCA), Norman Till from Addiscombe Neighbourhood Care Association (ANCA) and Andrew Slegg, with the support of the Volunteer via Lynda Graham, will meet to discuss and plan these issues more fully. They will feed back to LCP members at the next meeting.

ACTION: Andrew to contact Ben Taylor and Paul Voden about training for Community Champions

ACTION: LCP members to contact Amanda Esperon at CNCA about potential befriending support for local residents –

Communication: £5000 is available from the King’s Fund’s ‘Healthy Communities Together’ budget to increase engagement by improving the promotion and publicity of LCP meetings and Community Hubs. Avenues for such communication mentioned were, residents’ associations, Link Workers, hubs, the excellent CNCA fortnightly bulletin, faith forums and church networks, as well as school networks. A localized Facebook page was mentioned and a website specific to this locality

ACTION: An Action Group for Communication was set up, with Celestina and Neil Chamaroo from See way Youth being the initial members. The group will explore these ideas in more detail and update LCP members at our next meeting.

Youth – The importance of engaging parents of young people to reach / support young people was raised. How do we effectively do this? What are the issues that young people are facing in this locality? We need to hear from them on this. Neil shared with us the success of providing value-driven activities as a possibility to be explored. Parental Army, an initiative that has been successful in the South-East LCP, where there is a booklet of listed services that support parents accessible to them. This has been a great help. Could this work in this locality? Connecting with Reaching Higher, Addiscombe Boys and Girls and Sir Phillip Gain club were suggested.

Floating Counselling have a holiday camp that supports young people during the school holidays. For more information on that holiday camp here.

ACTION: An Action Group for Youth was set up, with Celestina, Neil, Andrew Gill, Norman and Arlene being the initial members. The group will explore these ideas in more detail and update LCP members at our next meeting.


Croydon’s Health and Wellbeing strategy 2024-29 – Your views on the new Health and Wellbeing draft strategy were much appreciated.

Acting upon suggestions from LCP members about how to reach new participants, the next Central East LCP meeting will be take place on Wednesday 24th April, in the EVENING, between 6-8 pm. Please promote this far and wide so we can get as many new voices joining the conversation as possible. Please book your place here.

To see previous meeting notes OR the Community Plans for your locality here.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement in this great work

Warm wishes,

Lynda, Celestina., Sarah and Andrew

With thanks to Chloe Smith for the notes.

C/O Sarah Burns

Director of Communities

Mob: 07540 720106


CVA Resource Centre

82 London Road, CR0 2TB

Tram Strike Update

Tram strikes

A tram strike planned for Sunday 24 March to Thursday 28 March has been suspended.

Strikes are still planned:

  • From 20:00 Sunday 5 May to 06:00 Thursday 9 May
  • From 20:00 Thursday 11 July to 06:00 Monday 15 July

Tram works

There are planned Tram works from Friday 29 March – Wednesday 24 April between East Croydon and Beckenham Junction / Elmers End / New Addington.

London Trams strike

Transport for London

Tuesday 19 Mar 2024

Londoners advised to check before they travel ahead of London Trams strike

Londoners advised to check before they travel ahead of London Trams strike: TfL Image - London Trams Roundel


  • Unite the Union members are due to strike from Sunday 24 March until Thursday 28 March impacting London Trams services
  • Customers are urged to check before they travel as a reduced London Trams service will operate on most strike days
  • Where possible, customers should consider walking and cycling for local journeys
  • London Buses and London Overground are scheduled to operate as normal   
  • Planned engineering work between 29 March and 24 April will mean no London Trams services will operate east of East Croydon

Due to a planned Unite the Union strike at London Trams later this week, Transport for London (TfL) is advising customers to plan ahead, consider alternative routes, check before they travel and allow extra time to complete their journeys. Customers are advised to visit for the latest information.

From Sunday 24 March until Thursday 28 March, Unite the Union members, who maintain the trams and infrastructure, are planning to strike that will impact the London Trams network. If the action goes ahead, there will be a reduced service expected on the whole of the London Trams network for some of these days.

Where possible, customers should consider walking and cycling for local journeys. London Buses and London Overground are expected to operate as normal but could be busier than usual.

Navid Golshan, General Manager for London Trams, said: “We urge Unite the Union to continue to work with us to find a resolution and call this strike off.  Customers planning to use London Trams services are urged to check before they travel, allow extra time for their journeys, and check the TfL website or the TfL Go app for the latest travel information.”

TfL staff and Travel Ambassadors will be deployed on the busiest parts of the London Trams network to assist customers with their onward journeys.  These locations include Addington Village, Beckenham Junction, East Croydon, Elmers End, West Croydon and Wimbledon.

TfL is running a wide-ranging communications campaign to ensure customers are aware the strike action is taking place and to help minimise any inconvenience wherever possible.  This includes signposting customers to latest travel information via or the TfL Go app.

Additionally, from the Friday 29 March to Wednesday 24 April there is a planned closure of the London Trams network for essential maintenance.  No trams will run from East Croydon to New Addington, Elmers End and Beckenham Junction but rail replacement bus services and enhanced local bus services will be available.

Contact Information

TfL Press Office
Transport for London
0343 222 4141

Notes to editors

Sunday 24 March 2024

  • A normal service is expected to operate.
  • All other services on the TfL network will operate a normal service

Monday 25 March, Tuesday 26 March and Wednesday 27 March

  • No service expected before 07:00 or after 18:00 on the whole of the London Trams network.
  • A reduced service will operate between Wimbledon and Reeves Corner and East Croydon and Beckenham Junction/New Addington
  • No service will operate through the town centre or from East Croydon to Elmers End
  • Next tram information displayed at tram stops will offer limited information
  • Customers are advised to plan ahead, to consider alternative routes, to check before they travel, and to allow more time to complete their journey

Thursday 28 March

  • Services are expected to start later than normal, with possible disruption throughout the day
  • Next tram information displayed at tram stops will offer limited information
  • Customers are advised to plan ahead, to consider alternative routes, to check before they travel, and to allow more time to complete their journey

Friday 29 March until Wednesday 24 April

  • There is planned maintenance of the London Trams network meaning no trams will run from East Croydon to New Addington, Elmers End and Beckenham Junction.
  • Rail replacement bus services and an increased frequency of local buses in these areas will be available. 
  • Other public transport options remain available within Croydon and the wider surrounding area. This includes London Overground (at West Croydon) and National Rail (at East Croydon, Elmers End, Birkbeck and Beckenham Junction) 
  • Customers are advised to plan ahead, to consider alternative routes, to check before they travel, and to allow more time to complete their journey

Unite the Union has announced the following strike action:

  • Commencing at 20:00 hours on 24 March 2024 and continuing each day up to 28 March 2024 when the action will conclude at 06:00 hours;
  • Commencing at 20:00 hours on 5 May 2024 and continuing each day up to 9 May 2024 when the action will conclude at 06:00 hours;
  • Commencing at 20:00 hours on 11 July 2024 and continuing each day up to 15 July 2024 when the action will conclude at 06:00 hours


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The future of Shirley Library and possible closure

The SPRA executive committee, after a vigorous and wide-ranging debate at its February meeting, decided:

  • As an organisation, SPRA does not intend to express a view about the proposals, on the grounds that there is a variety of strong and valid arguments for and against closure.
  • SPRA strongly encourages its members to participate fully in the consultation.
  • SPRA will act as a facilitator for networking as required amongst those wishing to work together on this issue.

A Celebration

The David Lean Celebrates 10 Years as a Community Cinema

The David Lean Cinema was opened by Croydon Council on 3 March 1995, along with other Croydon Clocktower arts venues. It was named in honour of the Croydon-born, Oscar-winning director of films such as The Bridge on the River Kwai and Lawrence of Arabia. Major arts budget cuts caused the council to close the cinema in April 2011, but dismayed film-lovers soon set up the Save the David Lean Cinema Campaign, to explore ways in which it might be reopened. Following nearly three years of hard work, the Campaign gained the council’s approval to run it as a community initiative. It reopened on 27 March 2014 with a screening of Basically, Johnny Moped, attended by punk luminaries that included Captain Sensible and Johnny Moped.

In 2015, the Campaign became a Community Interest Company. Since then, pandemic excepted, it has maintained a distinctive programme of arthouse and mainstream films, with the assistance of over 80 volunteers who act as projectionists, stewards and box office and Arts Bar staff. With over 20 screenings a month, it has given south London residents the opportunity to see outstanding independent and foreign language films at reasonable prices. During 2023-24 it screened all 10 films nominated for the Best Film BAFTA and all 16 films in the Best Director category.

With the 10th anniversary approaching, Heather Hardie (the cinema’s chair) said “we want it to be a celebration of all the David Lean’s dedicated volunteers, who have given their time and energy to make the cinema a success. It also concludes the steps we have taken to raise the cinema’s profile during Croydon’s year as London Borough of Culture.”

Three special anniversary events will showcase the work of Sir David Lean, starting on Saturday 23 March, when his final film A Passage to India (1984) will be shown. This gained Croydon-born Dame Peggy Ashcroft the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. There will be a Q&A featuring actor Art Malik and Assistant Director Patrick Cadell, chaired by BAFTA-winning actress (and Croydon resident) Joanna Scanlan, who has given the cinema fantastic support since becoming its patron last year.

There’s also a chance to see the perennial favourite Hobson’s Choice (1954), which will be presented on 35mm via a BFI print. The David Lean is London’s only cinema south of Brixton to retain 35mm projection. Finally, on the anniversary, there will be the UK’s first ever screening of Nostromo: David Lean’s Impossible Dream, kindly provided by Warner Bros. Discovery in Spain. This fascinating 2017 documentary reveals how close Lean came to bringing Joseph Conrad’s novel to the screen, before his death in April 1991. The film was made in collaboration with The David Lean Foundation, and two of the Foundation’s trustees will be amongst the guests attending.

Full details of all upcoming films can be found on the David Lean’s website: