The Addington Golf Club

SPRA was approached in March about the Golf Club’s plans to expand its facilities by taking over an area of Shirley Heath and Addington Hills.  To enable full and widespread consultation with the Club, SPRA arranged a meeting of nine Residents’ Associations local to Shirley at a joint meeting with Ryan Noades the club’s MD.  Following the presentation of the outline plan, the RAs were unanimous in requesting a much more detailed proposal before submitting to their members, to obtain their views.

That remains the position as at 5 April. As soon as more detail is received from the Club, and as soon as this has been studied by SPRA Committee members, a further note will appear on the website.  We are only at the moment at the start of a process of consultation, which the Golf Club is aware could be a lengthy one.

In the meantime we urge members not to believe everything carried on social media – for example, one message referred to the sale of the land by the Council; the Council has made clear what we understood from the start, that no sale has ever been suggested and that it was only ever contemplated that the Club take a lease over part of Shirley Heath.